Psychosis, a creepy 2d point and click horror game with great atmosphere
Developed by Boy Voesten, Swan Chase, Niels de Ruijter, Cerys Hancock, Lorenzo van Mourik, Susan van der Puijl
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Uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of three students that went missing a while ago. Your journey starts at an abandoned school where they were last seen.

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kids these days, can't even appreciate old fashioned psychological horror.
TemplarWarrior's profile page
Not scary but interesting :)
003333's profile page
How do you play this??? I can't find anything else to click on besides the pictures, newspaper, light, and the lil box. help please this is frustrating i can't move on
Qbaby21's profile page
This reminded me of the House series, with the delayed jump scares that you have to wait ( and click ) and wait for so that it's more frustrating than an anticipated scare. Although I'll give you credit for the jump scares, there were a few.
City0rdinance's profile page
Ugh, I'm sorry, but I really don't like this style of game. Granted, the atmosphere is decent and the jump scares are fairly effective, but it's exceedingly tedious having to click blindly on the same objects over and over again hoping something will happen. There needs to be more purpose and direction than that.
serialzero's profile page
1/10. Not scary at all
savvypirate's profile page
Not too bad i give it a 3 out of 5 could be better
Nichick390's profile page
It got me but it wasn't that scary
reddog's profile page
how to play this?
tiffanyzoe's profile page
You have to play around with the stuff, or you can just look at a walkthrough
KarKittenTrends's profile page
I found this really good because it doesn't just give a darkish dull, jumpscare filled abandoned asylum, it has the kind of story and horror that sits in the back of your mind and makes you think "This is wrong" and "Whats wrong with this game?" And it brings up all the dark small things siting in your subconscious which slowly builds up making you more scared and on edge until, Bam you quit and w
Detective's profile page
so far this game is like The House game....Ain't get fright at all so far....weack so called "jump scenes"
AmongReality's profile page
Wow, I really expected more. Very short.
Joedub's profile page
i hate this game,i don't know what to do exept the lights and all
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