Paranoiac, a freeware 2d horror adventure game with very intense atmosphere and lots of jump-scares
printscreen for Paranoiac game
printscreen for Paranoiac game
printscreen for Paranoiac game
printscreen for Paranoiac game
A true horror adventure game with creepy atmosphere and great storyline. The story fallows Miki Takamura, a book writer, who just moved into her Aunt's house. Her aunt died in this house three years ago and since then, the house has been empty. This game contains sudden surprises and harsh images. The weak of heart should not play.
Developed by Uri & Vgperson

user reviews & player tips

It's creepy, yes, but I have to agree with Limeang even though her spelling and grammar are atrocious. The chase is annoying and I can't get past the first chase without dying and having to start completely over. Very annoying.
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It made by uri and vgperson, the makers of the crooked man, art looks pleasing, gona take a look at it now, once it downloads.
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K, finished the game, story is kinda short (4 -5 hours of gameplay) but that did it. Action scenes involve you running around looking for a place to hide. And the story seems fitting, although they could have done a better story ... ( reminded the crooked man too much, with the monster being a hallucination)
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at beginning its good.. but the chase is kinda annoying! i wish i can just enjoying through the game without stupid chase and say "game over".. so lame. that s when i stopped playing because it get to annoying.. darn it could be better game.. well.. it is my opinion!
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I enjoyed The Crooked Man so I decided to try this. I agree with some of the other comments that the chase isn't scary so much as annoying. I save my games so I don't have to start at the beginning. But, the basic movement controls in the environment means that even the slightest error will get you stuck on a corner, or the door doesn't open fast enough, and it takes away from the game instead of
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Freakin creepy. Xd
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If you like this game you will love Mad Father
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Alright! So, It was pretty good. I enjoyed it. but dudes, it's kinda annoying, but hey! What's bad about annoying? i usually punch whatever is making me annoyed but it's a game. so what the hell, it's great!
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where is the hiding spot that you don't get found
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I ran into the same problem bloodkiss did. It's downloaded, but it won't play. There have been a few download games that's done this to me.
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Looooooooove this game so much! Play it on halloween after reading 6 creepypasta stories, in a dark(or barely lit) room, at midnight using ear/headphones. I dare ya' >:D (Reminds me so much of Mad Father :\)
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Another awesome game by uri.
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It look's good I am excited 2 play it!
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I can't get past the first chase. Luckily I saved my progress beforehand so I'm starting right at the exact spot, but I have to agree with the other comments; so annoying and frustrating!!! :/
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