Outpost: Haven, a sci-fi shooter horror game
Developed by GamingYourWay & LVXRegina
game rating
You and your crew mate have been woken from C-Sleep as your ship detected a distress call from Outpost Heaven. There are signs of a rad leak around 3 months ago. Prepare for drop off in 5 minutes. Don't worry, it should just be a quick jump in, jump out job…

user reviews & player tips

I like the sound FX and vision that this game has. It would be better if the movement was a bit more faster and fluid by I like the little details put in to this game (if you splatter a monster the blood sprays on the character etc)
Secret_Agent_Z's profile page
:| wtf kind of game is this well one ur in the the scary section two ur playing a shooter game and 3 ITS A GAME now anymore stupid questions :|
legend023's profile page
Absolutely crap game! Shouldn't of been invented this game!
SmellMyFinger's profile page
Reminds me of the movie Alien... gets addicting after awhile... i like it :)
pythongirl's profile page
if only you can play full screen
darkreaper's profile page
It's ok but not really the kind of game I like to play.
rissababe's profile page
what the f is that?
Eclipse666's profile page
cool game love it
henleyjames's profile page
this game is stupid. if ypu want to play a ool game play outbreak
bgboy's profile page
wtf kinda game is this?
jessieX13's profile page
i dont get the meaning of this game at all sorry -.-"
thegothside's profile page
s**t i was ambushed by some monster from a dark corner. i almost screamed
darkreaper's profile page
This awsome game remind me Dead Space.
Esserenn's profile page
rate-1 hard to control
Tr1ckst3r's profile page