Orchestrated Death

Orchestrated Death is an creepy puzzle developed by HighWitamic
Orchestrated Death has been developed by HighWitamic
Discover all the 'faces of death' in various scenes. Use mouse to cause some unusual 'accidents'.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

on the 2nd chapter you have to click on the fridge and then on the fruits, then click on the fruits and the blander. after that click on the pans, chef, knife and oven door, respectively.
Its so easy !!! THUMBS UP IF U AGREE !
how do u pass level 3
im so stuck at the part at where the kitchen is!
how do you get past chapter 1
That game was so easy
how to pass chapter 3?
i complete in 10:00 and so fun
fking game >.<
on the 3rd chapter click on the line then click the keys next to the blonde dudes butt click on the tool box click on it again, click the knife, then click the dude with brown hair, click the engine then click the snake then the blonde dude then bam what you finished the game your welcome
This game is good for people who have a sick mind like me sometimes. When in anger :p
How to complete Stage three : First click the edge of the fish hook ,then quickly click the keys he's sitting on and click it again. open the toolbox and click the knife. click the anchor to the left. then click the other guy's face,and to kill him click the boat's motor near his body. click the grey snake at the right side of the screen and click the face of the fisherman. Done.
whoo beat it in 1min 65sec 88milisec