Morbid is an creepy game with vampires developed by Maciej Palka
Morbid has been developed by Maciej Palka & Mateusz Skutnik
In the year of 1347 Europe was flooded with Black Death Plague. Millions of people died in the agonizing pain but not all of them stayed dead...

Game Reviews & Player Tips

why does this get so much hate? i played it and i enjoyed it and pluss it introduced me to the plauge doctors wich is a pic in the begining and if you dont like this one the seconed is way better i suggest you play it and theres more charachters in it
xxdicloniouslucy it is not drawn badly it fits perfectly this bases around the black death that was caried by rodents wich explains the mice and rat pics and there were plague doctors wich explains the doctor pic to help cure the people and the pictures are a work of art
umm what do i do after i get all my stuff?..lol
I love the art and simplicity of it, but...I'm stuck just after I boil the water to make the salt...
We really liked it! d: Not only is the graphics very interesting, but the whole ideal is wonderfully put out! 5 stars from us!
this game suck's RISSABABE
rate-2 you need something so you know which directions are where or youre basically going to be going in circles.
yah sorry it was somthing rong with my lap
Meh. 'salright.
I hope this game is cool otherwise i may not play it anymore
I did a scocial studies project on the Bubonic Plague. The symptoms are well weird.
Tell us more Madhatter.
well i cant remember some of the symptoms I do remember that you get boils the size of hen's eggs under your arms and on your privates. On the fifth day before you die your fingers and toes turn black <---(this is how it got the name of black death) from internal bleeding and your mouth is open.
But here is how it starrted. a muslim trade ship was going into italy. they had rats on the ship and they didnt know it. the rats got off and the fleas on them got onto people. the disease spread and the italians thought it was the muslims. they got into a war. as the muslims men died they put the dead infected bodies onto a catapult and hurled them at the italians. the italians couldnt dump the b