Mermaid Swamp, a freeware horror adventure game with some really good scares
printscreen for Mermaid Swamp game
printscreen for Mermaid Swamp game
printscreen for Mermaid Swamp game
printscreen for Mermaid Swamp game
A simple road trip becomes a nightmare when four friends are stranded in a strange mansion by a swamp. But there's a legend about the swamp outside the mansion...
Developed by Uri & Vgperson

user reviews & player tips

this game was good.... not bad :D
kralectro's profile page
Finally, another game from the creators of Paranoiac and The Crooked Man!! your guys' games are the best!!
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Amazing game! 4/5 from me. I loved the story and I have completed one ending so far, am finishing a second ending then going to start from the start and unlock the other two!! This has given me a lot of fun. I wouldn't say that this game is scary but it is definitely very atmospheric.
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not bad at all.... =)
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Woah. O-o So creepy. I wasn't planning on sleeping anyway.....
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The gameplay was a bit tricky at first, but I got used to it quickly. The story was good and the scares were perfect.
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i played it... and i LOVED IT eventhough somethings did SCARE ME ALOT
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I really liked this game. Its fun and a bit scary.
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Definitely worth downloading.
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CinnamonToastKen played this game
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I have seen CinnamonToastKen play this and I wanted to try it so bad! Finally I can play it! "Mermaid Swaaaamp" ~Ken!
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After getting hooked on the crooked man, I had to give this a whirl. Finished a playthrough..not a spoiler, but lets just say Rin got a lil hungry. Someone did mention it is possible to save her friends sooo i'm gonna work that. Anyways very entertaining! As I'd expect from Uri & VG :D
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omg... yuka's face gosh wtf couldn't stop laughing
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