Mermaid Swamp

Mermaid Swamp is an freeware horror adventure game with some really good scares developed by Uri
printscreen for Mermaid Swamp game
printscreen for Mermaid Swamp game
printscreen for Mermaid Swamp game
printscreen for Mermaid Swamp game
A simple road trip becomes a nightmare when four friends are stranded in a strange mansion by a swamp. But there's a legend about the swamp outside the mansion...
Mermaid Swamp has been developed by Uri & Vgperson

Game Reviews & Player Tips

this game was good.... not bad :D
Finally, another game from the creators of Paranoiac and The Crooked Man!! your guys' games are the best!!
Amazing game! 4/5 from me. I loved the story and I have completed one ending so far, am finishing a second ending then going to start from the start and unlock the other two!! This has given me a lot of fun. I wouldn't say that this game is scary but it is definitely very atmospheric.
not bad at all.... =)
Woah. O-o So creepy. I wasn't planning on sleeping anyway.....
The gameplay was a bit tricky at first, but I got used to it quickly. The story was good and the scares were perfect.
i played it... and i LOVED IT eventhough somethings did SCARE ME ALOT
I really liked this game. Its fun and a bit scary.
Definitely worth downloading.
CinnamonToastKen played this game
I have seen CinnamonToastKen play this and I wanted to try it so bad! Finally I can play it! "Mermaid Swaaaamp" ~Ken!
After getting hooked on the crooked man, I had to give this a whirl. Finished a playthrough..not a spoiler, but lets just say Rin got a lil hungry. Someone did mention it is possible to save her friends sooo i'm gonna work that. Anyways very entertaining! As I'd expect from Uri & VG :D
omg... yuka's face gosh wtf couldn't stop laughing