Mantra Foothills

Mantra Foothills is an survival horror game with puzzles developed by Dark Forest Media
Mantra Foothills has been developed by Dark Forest Media
You ran from this place. You ran as far as you possibly could. Now, after a decade of hiding you must return home. Your family has been working with the Septem Malum Animus for over a century. Together, they have succeded in awakening the mountain. The hell mouth has been opened and the malacious beings of Naraka spill out in numbers. The road to Lumbermoor has been barricaded. Go to the foothills and enter the town from your family's subterranen lair. Find your uncle and put an end to this madness. The Convenant will wait your return.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

this thing is hard as hell
i beat it i finally passed at first u get the rock then on the table there is ammo a first aid kit and a load game book u get every thing then with the rock u break the glass. after u press the button and go down the ladder there will be monsters so watch out
it hard i cant pass it HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Interesting but a tad over pixilated.