Mad Father, a freeware horror adventure game
printscreen for Mad Father game
printscreen for Mad Father game
printscreen for Mad Father game
printscreen for Mad Father game
Help our protagonist, Aya Drevis to save her father from the devilish creatures crawling through the mansion. Help her face the true nature of her beloved father and find what happened with her deceased mother.
Developed by Sen & Vgperson

user reviews & player tips

Well, I finished the game. "Mad Father" is a fitting name for this game because, well...the father is OUT OF HIS MIND! Holy shit. I won't ruin it for those who haven't finished it. I'm trying to get the best ending possible the second time around.
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I love this game, I got it from Pewdiepie (I think a lot of people did) but I liked the art and the story, and all the different endings you can get based on your decisions. I also liked the "Crooked Man". It seems like the website is getting the games from where I downloaded them, so more games by the translator are "Palette" and "Paranoiac" So yeah, I say check out the games. They were worth my
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This game is so awesome! It's so worth the download and every second that goes into playing it.
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The code is 7,4,8 and 2, I might be wrong tho.
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This game is amazing, I recommend that everyone should download it. You won't regret it.
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Hai Father!!! wanna make me into a doll? ok I'll be leaving now..*RUN*
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How do i make the game full screen?
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Love this game, very creepy and fun to play
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Best indie game that I've played. Good story line too, and great anime art work. :3
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Thaanks Pewdiepie for helping me
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Not as scary as witch's house but its still awesome
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A really good game that is worth downloading.
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Great game. Mad Father and in Mary's Journal, Journal blond kid who, in Mary's say goodbye from Aya kissing her forehead ... just gorgeous ... Japanese guys really are great to feelings and animes ....
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Love this game, it was so fun to play and I just love all the characters!
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