Lodge Massacre, a horror side scrolling game with creepy atmosphere
Developed by OruGames
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After a shocking call, a police officer is sent to investigate the horrible killings at a haunted lodge. Who or what is behind this massacre? Get into the haunted lodge where horrible events have been witnessed. A Resident Evil inspired experience.
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Wasnt to bad actually, I would recommend it to you if you like a spooky resident evil based game. Happy valantines day to all you horror game lovers!!!! P.S I am on the M11 going at 70 miles an hour, I played this game 2 hours ago!
TheGhost's profile page
What kind of cop goes to a homicide case loaded with only one bullet? .-. thank god the murderer was kind enough to leave all those bullets around!
Killjoy's profile page
for those who cant kill the guy with the knife, shoot the wrecking ball when hes standing under it
josh_26's profile page
I can't for the life of me get past the guy with the knife...
haveyouseenmyghost's profile page
I jumped when a girl screamed... Not cool scary game makers. xD
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wow that very scary
lilyan's profile page
Wow. Not bad. I do wish there more in this game though. I guess it'll be better in the next game
YesmanSam's profile page
Cute horror game, little jumpscares.. and good atmosfere...
Mimi90's profile page
If you can't figure out how to kill the masked man, you wait for him to get underneath the wrecking ball, and you shoot the wrecking ball. It crushes him. Afterward, you go into the basement where he was standing guard of the door. You go in it, game over. You get "The Story Goes On" badge.
Jenk's profile page
WTF i walk in a room and got stabe by a knife in the head. WTF
Creeper44's profile page
good game if u like suspense either way love the game gave me some scares but AWESOME
itsnikki's profile page
Woah, so good! It's even better with headphones! I can't wait for the sequel!
Chopsuey9444's profile page
epic lil game with some good jump scares, wish it was a lil longer though
Alastair_Lockett's profile page
Pretty good game, the pop ups surely made me jump.
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