Lodge Massacre 2

Lodge Massacre 2 is an horror sidescrolling game with lots of jumpscares developed by OruGames
Lodge Massacre 2 has been developed by OruGames
The sequel to Lodge Massacre, a survival horror game inspired by the early Resident Evil games is finally here.
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Game Reviews & Player Tips

Walkthrough: First you get out of the car and shoot the creepy lookin' skinny dude, then you know that cabin A is locked so you go to cabin B, enter the second door next to the clock, you will find ammo, in that same room you will see a radio next to some ugly-ass doll, you shoot the radio then duck before you get hit by the flying doll, you grab the key for cabin A and leave the room, go to firs
@josepharzac you need to shoot at the spider, in order to get pass through.
This game is really tough.
Wow! Way harder than the first, if anyone needs a hint you can message me! Be very careful with your bullets at the end!
How do you get the secret badge?
OMG MY PARTNER IS DEAD! ooh bullets :)
"Medal of honor" badge is broken
the scariest part of this game is the part when you go get the lamp after cabin a and by the clock this thing should show up running!!!
Journal Entry #1: 3 Hours Has Passed And I Dunno How What Else To Do, I Got Passed The Spider By Shooting It, I Found The Batteries In The Basement (I Think), But So Far...Nothing...
Dear staff: I completed the game whitout dying once but i didnt get the badge... Can u please fix it?
I completed the game 3 times without dieing and no sign o the medal of honor... Fix this badge please.
This horror games hhould be coooool lol.
Dude this game has broken badges, first i finished the game and didnt get End of The Story badge, and for the sake of getting it i restarted to finish it without dying, i did so but it didnt count too the Medal of Honor badge. how shame :(
the spider pisses me off and the fact there is no random ammo laying there