Little Phobia, a horror platformer with puzzles and good scares
Developed by Deqaf Studio
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Help the boy overcome his phobia while he sets out on an adventurous journey. He has to overcome various obstacles and avoid so many dangers during the adventure.

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This is such a cute game, i love it when the witch comes out.
Autumn153246's profile page
Oh shit its night well Anyways i didnt need to use the bathroom
CaptainParviz's profile page
the game iz cute but a lil hard im having trouble ggetting past the stool part dragging it and getting on it then jumpin over that eye thingy
BluePanda420's profile page
cute, but the lag with the controls is ridiculous. he takes so much time to follow a command and walks so bloody slow that you can't do anything before you get scared to death.
fantabulousk's profile page
the music was very scary especially at the beginning is one of the best horror games for animation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D
saw7's profile page
That was a cute game did anyone get scared.
Wildfire's profile page
HE IS UTE :3 >3
EvilUnicornMaster's profile page
the first time i saw the witch it scared the crap out ouf me jeez but still its a nice game
EdwardElric's profile page
Incredible. This games audio really gives me a sense of…childhood dread. And just look at this lil guy he's so cute pls don't let bad things happen to him
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A very nice game, with a cute sort of style and it is still kind of unsettling, it reminds us of how we all most likely were scared of the dark.
TheGhost's profile page
this game was a lot of fun I loved this game!
kendall12803's profile page
kinda suclkd because it would not let me play...I clicked play button and brings me back to the title
KatKitKay's profile page
all i have to say to this game, even though it's cute, WTF?!!! did a 7 year old have a nightmare and decide to make it into a video game?
phenoxspartan10108's profile page
I think it's cute doe. But nothing spooky at all.
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