Lisa The First, a bizzare and disturbing adventure game
printscreen for Lisa The First game
printscreen for Lisa The First game
printscreen for Lisa The First game
printscreen for Lisa The First game
A game about survival, sacrifice, and perverts. Uncover the past of a lonely and conflicted young girl. Travel through an unknown, but yet familiar world. Discover the demons that haunt her well being.
Developed by Austin Jorgensen. A new version of the game is waiting for your help on Kickstarter

user reviews & player tips

This game does not seem to have any real story line. From what i've seen so far is that this game just provides you with "creepy" images. Maybe something will happen once you collect all four items? I don't know.
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This game remind me a lot Yume Nikki o.o
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omg his glasses xD i want them ouo i must play this.
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this is the weirdest game ive ever played on gameshed
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I'm just gonna download this and see what happens if I play it alone. c:
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Gona play it wish me luck.
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this game is good but strange. those creepy guys tho!
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Those freakin spiders!! XO
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I don't know why this game looks a lil bit funny to me ._.
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VERY weird and interesting game, i dont know what i just played or why i just played it ._.
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this game is so weird like a ulgy guy in a volcano
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The game has relation to the other game series (don't recall if It's the same developer, though). I remember I played this game years ago -- Nothing made sense, in the end. I started playing Lisa the Painful/Lisa the Joyful from steam and you get more lore about what has actually happened to the character from here.
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This game has the potential
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