Killing Moon, a isometric point and click horror game
Developed by JoyMasher
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An original retro horror game made by the good guys at JoyMasher that will give you the chills. The game follows a group three friends, Ash J.Raimi, Barbara Romero and R.J. MacCarpenter who were invited to an Halloween Party at the local high school. Everything feels just like another ordinary school party until the lights go out and things start to go bad....very bad.

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I played this at 1 in the morning. That was the worst idea ever. The evil bad guy came out of nowhere and scared the living tar out of me. I sort of half choked and half screamed. Trying not to wake my family up. I got a F in the end. I intend to play this game and beat it though.....
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It's like a 80's slasher movie...really enjoyed playing it, and the fact that you can play it on your Ipad really influenced my rating 5/5 :D
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Very nice game, lots of those little details that are important for a game, it isn't bad at all, I really like it. It is super creepy, I was on the edge of my seat through nearly all of it. I highly recommend it.
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I don't even know how but I got the B ending for my first try. And after you get all 3 endings, when you start the game again you get this purple gem and i have no idea what it does :/ still trying for that A ending tho
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Really wanted to play this game but it keeps glitching and when i get to the title screen, the logo for the creators is infront of it and the words are jumbled up :(
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I would like to do a Let's Play of this, but I don't know if it has any copyright in it or not.
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I got Chapter 1 finished without dying...but the other two? I died like an idiot. :(
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Scored an F on my first try. Nice. :P
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my score is F ^_^
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It's okay, could be better. I've been wandering around for like five minutes and I still don't know what to do.
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I'm stuck. Don't know what the hell I'm doing.
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rate-2 enjoyed it at first but then ... no, storyline was brill though
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Angela Balaguero says "What happened?" To Pablo Del Toro who responds with "I don't know." For those who don't understand spanish.
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The navigation was tricky but it was worth playing again.
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