Killer Escape, a scary point and click adventure game with creepy atmosphere
Developed by Psionic
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If anyone finds this message please make sure he suffers like he has made us suffer! We have tried many times to escape by none of us has been successful. If you are unfortunate enough to end yourself in here like use then you must escape and alert the authorities. Are you a victim or a survivor?

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Is it just me, or amI the only one who ctually liked toching the dead rt? Haha!
ryshu's profile page
e______e fakhing dead body scared me ....Good game :)
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why do people comment "first!" on a game? it's like they think we care X3 this is gameshed not youtube :p
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Look to the right, where the bars of the cell meet the right wall and the ceiling. There are some pipes there, and a screwdriver. Take the screwdriver. On the right wall is a wooden plank, click on it to move it. Behind the plank is a loose brick. Use the screwdriver on the loose brick to move it. Take the tape. Just below where you found the screwdriver is a clickable area. Click on it to see
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this a good game. scary, but good! *le thumbs up*
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He looks weird the killer. God i hate his eyes its very weird. Creepy *hides at corner*
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-.- i will not be able to go to sleep tonight....
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Turn right to face the wall with the pipes. Notice the vent on the wall to the lower left? Click on it for a close up. Open your inventory, click on the screwdriver, then use it to unscrew the vent. When the vent is open, go forward You are now facing the mail boiler for...whatever this place is. Click on the boiler dials for a close up. Note the position of the dials. Most are to the far left
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uuaaahhh!! it's scary as hell to me! Very good game!! Chec out all (!) the webs!!
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Love this game! Once you figure everything out its really easy! :D
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this game was petty cool but some of it scared the crap out of me ;-)
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dddang i opened the locker and boo
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cool game but screw it I hate messing with the stabilizer wheels...
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awesom really a good game
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