Jeff the Killer Horrendous Smile

Jeff the Killer Horrendous Smile is an survival horror game with Jeff the Killer developed by JD Thunder
Jeff the Killer Horrendous Smile has been developed by JD Thunder & Poison Games
Just escaped from the crazy asylum, Jeff the Killer has found refuge near your home. Managed by the instinct to kill, Jeff decides to break your house and kill you, but the noise has alarmed you and now your destiny depends on your instinct of survival. Quickly, look for a weapon to defend yourself from the murderer and do everything you can to survive!

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Damnit Jeff! Stop spilling your ketchup everywhere!
Oh, It's F to interact with things.
Excellent game.
Just your average bad game
How do I open the door? I am still in the starting place from yesterday!
Im having trouble finding the keys can someone help me
Okay how the actual heck do I open either doors? or interact with anything! I looked at the instructions but most of it is in sloppy font so I can't read it worth crap! And that's sad since I HAVE GLASSES!!!
ka boang baya ni out noon
It's a good game, but The House 1 & 2 are still my favorites!