Insanity is an 3d indie horror adventure game with jumpscares developed by Simperson Cruz
printscreen for Insanity game
printscreen for Insanity game
printscreen for Insanity game
printscreen for Insanity game
Five years have passed since the death of my wife. Five years have passed since the day that my life was ruined. Who is to blame? Me, for working late that day or the man who broke into my house and killed her with hammer blows? Instead of being arrested he was declared insane and placed in a sanatorium, a place called Angels' Refuge. This is the day I take the matter on my own hands.
Insanity has been developed by Simperson Cruz & Andreas Ronnberg

Game Reviews & Player Tips

For all the players up there...the key to the entrance door is somewhere behind the cars...facing the parking lot (the cars should be behind you) walk to the trees in the left corner...the key should be right between the trees. Please + this comment if it was useful!
I don't understand because it is in portuguess help
Is this game safe to download? Infact, are any of the game safe to download on this website? I would really like to know! Thanks.
can you change the language?
Mmm I love this game !!!
all youtubers already played this game.
Okay so it seriously is facking creepy.. i couldn't stop screaming.. But i had no idea how to pass these creepy guys who are trying to kill u... I just ran pas these creepers and i got myself almost killed a couple of times. BUT ANYWAY, awesome game.
the game is not in english it would nice if it was, and i saw markiplier play this if im not mistaken, i tried playing this its hard to understand, it would be nice if one of the game makers made this in english no offense just saying
jeez since its portugese I had to translate them by google translate
Excited to play! Will rate and comment a review :)
I bet all youtubers are going to play this game
imma go try this game :3
haven't played it yet, might play it on my laptop
Would be a good game if it didn't speak English but its still pretty good :)