Hide Hart, a rpg thriller game
Developed by Courtney Calle
game rating
Jacob Miller, a mentally unstable and incredibly dangerous criminal is on the loose and on the radio they mentioned that last time he was seen was near the university campus where you study. An rpg game that allows the player to unveil different aspects of story based on his choices. The game features 4 different endings.

user reviews & player tips

I don't know how many endings there are. But i found like 4 endings and items i'm not sure what to do with. like the floss from the bathroom.
KenzieAce's profile page
this game was fun and I did use use way on the vent that was always stick to the right wall(and i do hope this is helpful to you guys)
Golden7891's profile page
IDK why but im not good at pikel games
Edgelord's profile page
The game was overall good, it was super easy to beat. (: 9/10
retromami's profile page
this game is scary and will give you the ticks to play more scary games
jackintheboxjame's profile page
This game is very well done!
eufora's profile page
A deadly game.
Geminate's profile page
how do you open the item holder and the save point? XP
Valenderspirit's profile page
"You don't have to hide anymore, Hart" Best ending ever. <3
Cricketina's profile page
Looks interesting enough to play, the story so far is good, let's see now it goes...
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im mad i wanted to know the part two one i liked the game though. it was a fun lil game
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I couldn't get out of the vent systems lmao.
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please dis like my comment *wink wink*
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