Hidden Chapter 1

Hidden Chapter 1 is an scary point and click game developed by LostSpell
Hidden Chapter 1 has been developed by LostSpell
Immersed into dark and unexplored ancient woods a group of expeditioners led by your uncle Eneko go deep in search of an old, almost forgotten legend. As Santiago Farrell, anthropologist from The National Museum of Buenos Aires you will be called to take part of the expedition. But not everything results as planned and you will soon discover that the place keeps a never revealed horrifying secret.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Thumbs up if not best game
Wow, this was something else.. We'll definitely play another one of these! As long as Shawn doesn't hide behind our couch.. =u=
I liked this game, I thought the narrative was interesting enough to keep me playing but the clues were a bit too vague and I ended up using the walkthrough.
walktrough 4 all who doesn't know how to play this sh!t: Look at the piece of paper in front of the burning lantern on the nightstand. Look at the pile of books next to the piece of paper. Look at the drawers of the nightstand. Now you can read the piece of paper. So... do it! Open the upper drawer of the nightstand to find nothing but useless clothes. Close the drawer. Open the bottom drawer. Mo
Good but not great. Ended too soon, I know this it just chapter 1, but the ending was unsatisfactory.
@SHENZIE....you must open the inventory and close it to make it work
the game is ruined dont tell us dame it
he,he he after u use my walktrough....i may say i rule this game...
thats it game over...... O_O
Awesome game! :D - Perfect length & perfect difficulty.
very scary game seems !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)
Fun fun fun! I wanna play more!!
how do I get out of the door?
What The Heck? Nothing Showed Up But A Black Screen!!