Hard Day

Hard Day is an challenging mouse avoider maze game developed by BlackNotBlack
Hard Day has been developed by BlackNotBlack
Guide our green dude through ten challenging levels. To complete a level you will have to collect all the crystals and reach the flag. Make sure you won't die in the process...at least not at the beginning of the level because that's embarrassing :P Make sure you won't get in touch with the walls, moving obstacles or the mighty ants...or aliens...or whatever.
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Game Reviews & Player Tips

WFT!!! i nearly had a heart attack when some crazy zombie screamer $hit popped out of this game!....... the heck!?
only someone who's insanely patient, extremely well tempered and f*cking has the time to actually get these ridiculously impossible badges is the f*cking chuck norris!!!
@unshackledcerberus - hahaha, so i'm chuck norris now?. uh well, i just basically exit the game every time i die and that was very,very frustrating aside from that annoying "screamer" each time i get to level 3. as for level 9, i just did a little "trick" right click on the game and just press left click on where ever you want the green dude to go but you can only do that if it's a straight path (
Thank you ricky! this game is frustrating! and i hate the zombie/clown guy at level 3, that was really scary >.< hehe. i've been playing this game since forever, the trick you mentioned work ^^ it was still hard but that "trick" made it a bit easier :)
and by "chuck norris" i meant rick_02. rick, how did you get that last badge and how the heck did you pass level 9!? and is the last level frikkin hard?
The game could actually be easier if we could use the arrow keys instead of our mouse
I had 60 deaths by level 3. How am I supposed to beat 10 levels without one single death???
Before playing this game i was happy and funny , after playing this game i was so angry -_-
i hate this game
This is so f**** hard Damn those circles the look like donuts tho they are so big and move too fast!!!
finaly 3 insane badge
I obviously can't play this game. Only made it level three and died like 20 times on it. I'm not skilled with the laptop without a mouse. xD
games hard but fun to work on