Ghostscape 2 The Cabin

Ghostscape 2 The Cabin is an creepy puzzle developed by Psionic 3D
Ghostscape 2 The Cabin has been developed by Psionic 3D
Investigate and gather evidence about a creepy old cabin in the woods and its aged inhabitant.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

this game is very good ... I like
that fricking doll creeped me out but I still love this crazy game :)
i think this game is cool
i love this crazy game
this has to be the best game I have ever played
Its scary!!! the doll creeped me out.i didnt finish it cause i coulded find all the silver ball things.someone please help.
I lug this game!!!!
One of the top 3 Horror Flash games ^-^
nice game ,,, cool!!!
It took me 44:59! That's pretty bad, though, I'm assuming.
This was honestly the first game I've played since I've started and I still love it. Although the game itself isn't as scary as hoped, I still find myself dreaming about that odd baby doll. And then I always end up playing this game over again. :P
for those who dont know orbs are nothing else than lost spirits who fly harmlessley around in search for "the light" but dont bother them too much...
that doll is freaking creepy
were is the third grave stone? o-o