Ghost Story

Ghost Story is an text-based horror themed visual-novel developed by Lola
Ghost Story has been developed by Lola
They noticed the differences after a few months. Something had changed. Not only themselves, but also the world around them was different. The wind swept briskly beneath the door cracks and time, days, weeks, months had become denser. Sometimes the silence in the apartment was unbearable. It was like a vacuum they lived in. But also outside, among people on lively shopping streets, they found no escape. It was as if the others looked right through them. They wanted to get noticed, to shout at them, but they could not make a sound.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Well....I won't spoil events in this short story ''I will try'' (POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT)....But the question is....Is the story describing it as a curse or an evolutionary term of being a ghost? I liked the story and the visuals but....I can't call it a game...and there is some details left unrelieved...Maybe the story was supposed to be this way.....Anyway, I looked the description of events...Th
Idk what to say or do but im just going to havanna oh-nahna i haope my herat is in havanna
Not quite what is could have been.
i like this game bc it was fun scaring my friends on the bus XD