Geist is an horror based point and click escape game with awesome jumpscares developed by Jess Richmond
Geist has been developed by Jess Richmond
An highly recommended horror game based on the popular video game Five Nights at Freddy's. Your task is simple...find the key and get out of the creepy room before the time runs out.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

it's fairly easy actually. turn off the lights, play with your dolls, click the tv, aquarium, cat poster, letter blocks, pills (on the shelf), look at the twisted coloring book on his desk then check out his diary. lastly, the key is underneath the dark shaded piece of wood (south of the basketball).
The doll scared me more than that thing trying to get in the room. Hahaha
i feel happy for him
I can't find the key. I did everything right
i like the boy! even though he's ... but i like and understand his suffer! cool game anyway!
Wait I have this game on my pc but on gameshed it is much more awesome
rate-3 very good. like how it was made but maybe atleast give us time read the dairy? some people enjoy reading things without a time limit to get a better understanding
I liked this idea, quite original, nice graphics too
this is a verry cool horror game but they should add movement
not bad game :)
nice game, wish it was longer and more adventurous tho !
the story in his diary is truly disturbing !!!!!!
That was really good. If the sound was used in a way that it sounded surreal, I might have nigtmares! My faourite part is the creepypasta! BEN Drowned! So I give it 4.5 (or what ever ther rating is for the game :3)
An old and uninteresting game where you have to click on all objects that are interactive, whether they mean anything or not, so you can get a key to leave the room, yawn.