Freak Show, a creepy point and click adventure game with eerie atmosphere
Developed by RunningZombie
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You wake up and have no idea where you are or how you get there. You see a poster on the wall that says 'Welcome to the Freak Show'. You start to explore the place and notice a gift box. You decide to open it and find a mysterious letter.

user reviews & player tips

Awesome point'n'click game where u are stuck in a horror carnival called "FREAK SHOW". The clown wasn't scary but the sounds were, and except that everything is gud.
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Excellent game, worth the time.
Geminate's profile page
g00d game,, its fun :)
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ngl i quite enjoyed it. wasnt expecting that at the end either. was pretty easy but still fun
BeyondBirthday's profile page
I didn't find it scary but it was okay
City0rdinance's profile page
rate-4 that was well good, really kept you on our toes and the last part getting the antidote as the poison fogged up haha i made it though
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wow this game wow i love it noone can do it fast like i do
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good game!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Whats the code for the thing near the strong guy
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i like the comment do you work on your write on your things
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It was amusing but poorly made. You just had to click and guess to beat the puzzles. Nothing major. 2/5
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