Forgotten Hill Surgery, a horrifying puzzle-based horror adventure game
Developed by FM Studio
game rating
The mystery of Forgotten Hill continues. This time you play as Mr. Larson, a man who had a really bad car accident and was brought to the surgery clinic of Colonel McMillan. Will he survive the terror of this place?

user reviews & player tips

Looong and haaard...
Gagarin's profile page
10421 combination to the desk in room with glass medicine case
SilenceXIV's profile page
is it scary !!!
Ranim27's profile page
I do not get the ending. All that, just for that lol Super anticlimactic ending
Neoxlegion's profile page
this game is in a word interesting it reminds me of the evil within now that was a classic
Charlene202's profile page
liked the series be patient dont rush or u will miss objects really makes u think if u like these types of games you will love these Great
capzed's profile page
rate-2 didnt complete the game due to me finding it really hard and i dont like using walkkthroughs haha. But the graphics were very good along with the music (very eeire) one thing i didnt like was the clicking being really slow to catch up, especially when this was a one part of a point and click game too. Wish i could complete it :/
Tr1ckst3r's profile page
yeah its too hard hahaha....
clefford's profile page
I 'have played a lot of games on here but this game want load !
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