Forgotten Hill Love Beyond, a spooky horror game with ghosts and creepy puzzles
Developed by FM Studio
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After his wife's death, our protagonist decided to move into a new house together with his daughter in law, Camille but strange things are starting to happen. A few days later, a mysterious ghost starts to hunt their new residence when our protagonist realize that it's actually his wife's ghost and decide to find a way to bring her back.

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I honestly love these games! They are fun and easy, at least for me. I have beat all of the Forgotten hill games and this is one that shows some of the back story for the more "colorful" games in the series. There are walk through's and game guides online but I can help with going through the game without spoiling anything. Its not too scary but can give someone a little scare when they don't expe
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Easy and Sad story, but Good game 5
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4th comment!!!
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