Forgotten Hill Fall, a horror-themed point and click game with puzzles and creepy atmosphere
Developed by FM Studio
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Your car broke out on the way home and you find yourself searching for help alone in the dark. You left your girlfriend alone in the car and walked to the nearest town, Forgotten Hill, where you came across a mysterious house on a hill.

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Damn! The spider jumpscare in first minutes scared me.
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and if there is any confusion on which forgotten hill comes first it's fall then puppeteer
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what are the codes for the first part on the doors??
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it was just fine
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rate-2 i couldnt play this due to there being spiders, (a-phobia) so couldnt even look at them makes me dizzy, something to maybe think about when thinking of insects :)
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played this on ng, first. just as fun now as it was then. just found this site. god it's chock full of horror games! WOOOT~ too bad most of them are made with Unity which is no longer supported by Edge. ;< I am not adding a browser just to play a game. sadness.
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It was cool. Very similar to the previous game they made. The puzzle at the end was a little bit too much though. If complex stuff is your thing, I recommend it
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