Foreign Creature Scene, a creepy puzzle
Developed by BelugerinStudios
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Play role of a blood-thirsty alien mess in various locations and find out 10 secret achievements.

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Foreign Creature is one of my favourite games
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Foreign creature is the bessttt!!!
Xzerodoll's profile page
great game i wish they made more of these
vincent23's profile page
:P Funny simple an easy.
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yea if the game would of had badges and would of been longer it would of been one of the coolest games on this website
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i thought it was scary but it was not!
hotgirlOO's profile page
ahh the 3rd parttt coool i love this game but there is no badges :(
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man it would of been way better if it had badges ive been waiting for this game for a long time
DERGAMI's profile page
ok weird............i like it! :}
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what em i saying? i'm agree with dergamy somehow...?
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why is there a problem with me
DERGAMI's profile page
rate-5 so cool and awesome!
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woot loved the first two
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finally the thrid came out!
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