Foreign Creature 2, a creepy puzzle
Developed by Belugerin Studios
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Here comes the second chapter of the Foreign Creature series. Play the role of a blood-thirsty alien sent to planet Earth to grow stronger and breed an evil army to take back home.
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doctor fobia badgesin' sing baby badgethe self-murderer badgecanine leptospirosis badge

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hey guys this the walktrough : Bonus Scene #1: City Park (happened after scene 7) 1. Click 3 Foreign Creature's dogs only when they idle. 2. Click 3 people's dogs after point #1 done. 3. Click woman singer (Foreign Creature).
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Click the barrel then real fast click the cop, then click the Bodysnatcher to get on the truck then click the other cop to french him to death. Then click the top of the truck to show the dumb ass cop why you should never stand in front of a truck carrying a wounded alien. After that show the pitiful humans who the real bad ass of the animal kingdom is and let the dog take a bite out of your tangy
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Quick Walkthrough for the 2nd scene with Rat and movie. Click on the sodas, then the bottom left corner of the TV. THen quickly click on the mouse. Keep clicking on the mouse eventually you'll kill the rat and take over the male. WAlkthrough for singer? CLick on male in crowd on your left, (Wearing a green tshirt I tink) timeskip 2 hours. Now click dude with his wife. [timeskip again] now it's dar
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good game! really easy i got all the badges so if u need help pm me!
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Easy game, here is bonus scene 2 walkthrough : 1. Click on the mouse on the far right side window. 2. Click the white water bottle, again in the far right, its between the green and red bottles. 3. Click the kettle, its in the right side near the stove, it will then pour the water into the kettle. 4. Click the kettle again then the cooking place, it will boil the water. 5. The lady will stand up a
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the boy ad girl on th couch are not that easy,, you need to click on the cocke cans to maketo woman pick them up, then you need to click on the television to make the guy go busy on that, then click on the mouse ( what you are at that moment) to proceed
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i thought he was gonna look up her skirt heh heh heh
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Haha, in bonus scene two behind the knife rack theres a glitch, the back of that blonde girl's head is there for some reason >.<
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i finally beat scene 2!if you need to know how here you go!first click on the rat(you)then click the pot then the water and put it on the stove(click it)then the girl will come as she comes to pour out the water click her,then (you either click the guy or her :P)then you click the knife then click the girl,then click the gun ....youll see what happens i hope that will help
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this game is really hard.I cannot beat it but i would like to beat it :)
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was quite difficult but i got all the badges.... yeah......!! it is an awesome game......!! <3 <3
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this game is more than fun lol
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not bad wow im first
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