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dear lord this game is terrifying
ArtemisFowl524's profile page
I think i sht myself D:
VanossGaming's profile page
Jesus tried this game and then he wept:P No really...the game is damn scary! I cannot wait to show this to my lil' brother :D :D
thenoble's profile page
deze spel is f u c k i n g eng!!
nightsblood's profile page
Finally can play this now! :D
KILLSPREE's profile page
cooool loveit
TheBoss123's profile page
i'm giving it a thumbs up JUST as a reference to the full game
kratosdude9's profile page
This game is amazing....THANK YOU! <3
GummieBear247's profile page
These Five Nights at Freddy’s[FNF] episodes are mind blowing, awesome, cool, superb, niceeee, and astounded to have another word like that, I am amazed to say. It is speechless, I mean so awesome graphics and nice sounds. There are another parts like these, those are also awesome, just like Five Nights at Freddy’s episode 2 part 3, Nights at Freddy’s episode 1, Nights at Freddy’s episode
MadSaveges's profile page
Dear God this game is scary and AWESOMEEEEE I passed all the nights including the 6th and custom! :3
TaylorSwift's profile page
scary game but still fun
Azeira985's profile page
This is one of the best games ever I don't know any better games
mcki1039's profile page
Download takes a while and the game is a bit buggy, but it's a safe one, no viruses or anything. Probably gonna delete it once I beat the game (fifty or sixty years from now...) but it's a good download and the game is most definitely worth playing.
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FULL VERSION PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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