Fear Society, a rpg horror adventure game inspired from the popular tv show Are you afraid of the dark
Developed by ZeroDigitZ
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A popular horror-themed rpg adventure game inspired from the TV show 'Are You Afraid of the Dark'. The game fallows several teenagers who, gathered around a camp fire in the middle of the woods start to tell their unforgettable horror tales that includes ancient folklore, mythological creatures, murder and supernatural activity. A dark and twisted game that will give you shimmers down your spine.

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This game was absolutely amazing! I would definitely recommend it to many others, I love the fact that you play through each story! The one thing I do wish? That you get to play the character that has to stay overnight in the forest.
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liked- omg couldnt agree more with comment @failynn put.The person who creates these game because i know this person has also done the sins of daisy etc really needs to go far very talented and the storlyines are so good also, the puns and jokes along the way make me laugh so much! 10/10
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tHIS game is super amazing!!! i like the characters and the style is amazingly designed and my favorite story is The Maniac cause the story is nicely written and easy to complete!!
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Nice Game! I am totally going to recommend this to my friends! (Even though one of them already plays this)
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Very good gam recomned to everyone+++
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really good game! it was fun but someone i was able to play quickly!
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In the story called 'The Maniac' I saved my sister but she's so damn slow while walking ;-;
KittyPawsRPG's profile page
Tyler and Penelope is soooo hard!
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Normally I hate asking these kind of questions but I am absolutely stumped.. Does anyone know the code for the door in "The Haunted Mansion" ?
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Penelope is super hard but I love this game so far!
ChileLand's profile page
Penople was easy for me. once i reread them all like 400 TOMESSS
Cricketina's profile page
what is the answer to the riddle on penolope
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ive been stuck on TYLER for so long. what is the password for the door in the appartments?
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Code for door on Haunted House is 1398
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