Exmortis, a horror adventure point and click
Developed by Ben Leffler
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You wake up in the woods, with a lump on your head. You can't remember how you got there. All you can recall are the dreams. It's late, cold and you are unsure of where you are exactly fighting through the headache, you regain your focus and see a house

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Ex Mortis Still stands as the King of Flash horror. i say that because its not all simply Pop out scary images ooooh no no! it has a in depth story, Dark and Demented environments, Detailed characters that are so well done that they take a life of their own, this is #1 of my Top 3 Horror Flash games (#1)-Ex Mortis series (#2)-The Insanity series (#3)- Ghostscape 2 The cabin. Final words: Horror i
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if you still cant find the code its 3489
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I love both endings to this game.!
GothicAngel's profile page
already the first time it made me hit my legs on my table
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Wow.. Exmortis Is scary...
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the head in the stupid microwave oven scared me to death! I jumped and my desk moved and my mom was like "are you ok??rofl
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the code 4 the safe is in the attic on the top right (press tab)
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so scary right
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scry..and coolllll :) love it <3
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this game will puzzle you
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I was choking because I had something in my throat at the beginning. When the pictures popped you you can imagine how out of breathe I was.
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i love all exmortis series
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This is where you choose your destiny. Do you become the hand of Exmortis by solving the puzzle, or do you run for your life by taking the exit to the left of your view? The Puzzle So you have decided to succumb to the Exmortis and sit at the right hand of Lord Vlaew. The key to this puzzle is the passage in the book of Exmortis. The passage is recited one more time when you approach the pil
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I love this game. I found out about it by Markiplier. I love his videos. This game is AWESOME!!!!
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