Death Proclaimed, a indie creepy adventure game with good scares and great storyline
printscreen for Death Proclaimed game
printscreen for Death Proclaimed game
printscreen for Death Proclaimed game
printscreen for Death Proclaimed game
Alice Reene is a young girl who is tormented and haunted by ghastly dreams of her hometown. Having enough of the visions, Alice decides to visit the town once again. She knew the journey would be very dangerous, and people had warned her of the dangers. She did not listen because she already knew what was waiting for her, and she was prepared.
Developed by Jake Springhorn

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This game is awesome, I just got it and when I started playing it I fell in love :D
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omg so gooooooood
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It's just like The Crooked Man
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I love this game, very suspenseful.
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this game is awesome !! But i dont play this game yet!!
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cool game i like it
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This is such an awesome game!!! :)
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Really enjoyed this game! PM me if you need help!~ :)
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Such a good game!!! I reminds me of the sandman and the boogieman!
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I almost fell outta my chair when he snuck up on me>.> good game!!1
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So freaking scary but also good i love it so much <3
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Everyone! Make sure you download the latest version. It greatly improves the gameplay! You can find the latest version on the page.
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The creator straight-up plagiarizes assets from other games. The first music you hear in the game is from Silent Hill 2, for instance. The game, and its creator, are therefore trash.
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