Dead Lab

Dead Lab is an survival zombie game developed by Salokin Games
Dead Lab has been developed by Salokin Games. If you enjoyed the game please like them on Facebook and pay a vist to the Game Developer's Youtube account!
Find a way to escape from the Dead Lab! Zombies and other monsters can be around every corner, so be careful.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

its not scary but its cool a bit jumpscares but you can kill your enemy at last because in other games you cant kill your enemy
am i the only one who got scared by the rats at the start?
Takes a little while to load. I'm really hoping it's worth it.
can someone tell me how to fix unity web player? i have problem with it.. win7 home premium. 64bit.
its taking time to load... but i believe this is a great game
its easy its just so fun to kill zombies
loading the game takes ages maybe coz its a big game (data) but the game itself is ok bit slow but still cool :)
very fun game so fun very cool 5/5
This game is the best game I've played my subscribers love it I got 15,000 likes because of how scary it was and I LOVED it!!
that was a great game!
I screamed on the first jumpscare really loud and when I accidentally fell from a high place I fell under the map -_-
I think that it was good for being free~ I mean theres not a lot if games like this that you can find free, or at least this one as far as I know. (New online gamer >////< Don't judge)
its really hard