This game requires RPG Maker VX Ace RTP in order to play it. DOWNLOAD RTP FROM HERE
Blank Dream, a rpg horror adventure game with great puzzles and a lot of jumpscares
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printscreen for Blank Dream game
printscreen for Blank Dream game
printscreen for Blank Dream game
Blank Dream is a freeware puzzle-oriented horror adventure game with a theme focused on suicide. The game fallows Mishiro Usui, a young girl who committed suicide by throwing herself in a lake but things didn't stopped there. Soon, she wakes up somewhere dark and wet, unable to remember her name or anything about her past. The game features a dark and unsettling atmosphere with a fair share of well executed jump scares.
Developed by Kanawo & Vgperson

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The best second rpg horror I've played so far on gameshed! If you enjoyed Ib you should definitely try this one too!
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really good game i love it
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One of the best RPG games!!!! great story gameplay puzzles and music. I have found All the endings and i enjoyed every second of it!!!! YOU MUST PLAY IT!!
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I managed to get all the endings and that last one where it shows ayoto's drawing made me so happy but sad as well but this game is amazing!! I 100% recommend that people should play this game
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The story behind this is incredible! The characters are easily lovable, and the story is insanely amazing.
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i cant download the RPGVXAce rtp thing
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