Blame, a 3d scary escape game
Developed by Casey Venn
game rating
Find a way out of the underground maze. Search for the teddy bear, the rose and the book, turn up the generator and place these items into the container chambers until it's not too late. Use E to pick or interact with objects.

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takes ages 2 load
darkspace's profile page
it scared me a little
kokoshaik's profile page
I can't understand why this game is so underrated, i think it's funny, maybe not as funny as "Eyes" but is not trash. It's a bit difficult to understand but the more you play the more you understand. The monster is a bit strange, is very slow and emits the same sounds of Slender, and differently from the other games it doesn't kill you instantly. Try to enjoy it and remember to save batteries ;)
Logram's profile page
frightnight you scare me
moterthemomo's profile page
I find myself more irritated that I don't know what to do then scared -__-''' I'm just wandering around
Ch0c0Kitty's profile page
That was.....weird
Ridax's profile page
The loading is thuring so freaking long..
SanneV's profile page
taking forever to load.... -_-
NeonSkylar's profile page
i crap my pants
Chery's profile page
yay first to comment and i know abseloutley nothing about that game lol
cgcat's profile page
This game is awesome i don't no why it is rated so badly like it's one of my favorites but i guess we all lhave an opinion.
darkspace's profile page
wtf as soon as i get into the game then all i see is purple messed up lines!!!
MinEMAN's profile page
erm... well at first i dont know how to play it.. at all.. with no clue or anything.. but now i got it a bit.. maybe my comment will help you. well.. u can use "enter" or "e" to take stuff.. so when u are in that first room.. use "e" to grab battery and then radio to listen.. after that use "e" again to open door.. u will see a maze.. after that i still havent figure what to do or where to go.. lo
limeang's profile page
g8 game I love it but it a little scary<3
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