Bewilder House

Bewilder House is an scary first person puzzle game with challenging puzzles and creepy atmosphere developed by Marine Dunstetter
printscreen for Bewilder House game
printscreen for Bewilder House game
printscreen for Bewilder House game
printscreen for Bewilder House game
Find a way to escape a deceptive funhouse filled with mind-puzzling mazes. Use the special map and your logic to find the right spot in every level to unlock the way into the next one.
Bewilder House has been developed by Marine Dunstetter, Alexis Sarremejane, Robin Vallery, Julien Gratz, Valentin Heutte

Game Reviews & Player Tips

unable to download anyone know why ???
fun game only wish it was scarier and longer and if its unable to download you need winrar or 7zip you can get both free by using soctonic
omg...that clown is so freaking creepy!!!
Hopefully this game will be awesome.Better be.
Tried to download twice,both times failed...zip empty?
I've tried to play it after download and it says it cant be accessed? why is it my computer. maybe its worth trying again
Confusing. -.-
*For who can not download the game .. Check out my Profile .. And download it .. enjoy ;D
I am absolutely terrified of clowns then i play this game.....*slaps face.....im so stupid
this game is good please answer it
if your going to get this game it is going to be long to load cuz it is a big game
when i got this game on my laptop i didnt see the colors all were white and grey
Green light! Red light! (i dunno, it kinda reminded me of that XD) Anyway, that game is awesome :D