Being Her Darkest Friend

Being Her Darkest Friend is an a unique narrative gaming experience for all horror gamers developed by Christian Haumer
Being Her Darkest Friend has been developed by Christian Haumer, Matthias Pruckner, David Birkner, Quentin Louis & Florian Scherz
A unique narrative gaming experience for all horror gamers out there! 'Being Her Darkest Friend' is a highly polished horror adventure game with an emphasis on story and atmosphere. The game features beautiful hand drawn pixel-art graphics, good game mechanics and some intriguing puzzles.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

well the pixel graphics was something I'd enjoy to see but the walking is kind of slow but the concept was like a bitter bite in a sweet cake. Not bad. x))
Not bad.. unique game though ^-^
great game to play!!
Accidentally played the games in the wrong order :s
The only thing I didn't like is when you would accidentally click on a person or thing twice and you had to click alot to make it go away. Great game otherwise!! I just wish there was more explanation on why she hated Mr. Seligan (spelling, sorry!) so much.
I like the smooth simplicity, the commands were simple and the story was fairly good.
Out of all the horror games I played, I have to admit this is part of the best ones out there 5/5
Not bad, takes a while to load.
rate-4 liiike i really enjoyed this! love pixel games they are the best. good story line quite deep sometimes you need that in a game to really capture a feeling.
I Removed all 3 paintings and still the students won't leave the building. Ugh, Can anyone give me any advice? I'm confuzzled. ;-;
Are you SUPPOSED to die at the end?
can someone tell me what to do after I give selina the thing that has the selingman name writed in it???
This is the second game, so if you're wondering what's going on with Seligmann, it's in the first game. It's called Fragment of Her, I think.