Asylum 626, a interactive game
Developed by Snack Strong Productions
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The Asylum 626 is now accepting patients. This game is not for the faint of heart or those under 18.

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for some reason they say that was a temporaly promotion but i dont get that why they took asylum 626 when this game was awesome everyperson who like this game say like
NINJAKILLER17's profile page
LIKE and bring back the gamesss!!!! >:(
lexilurve117's profile page
bring back hotel626 and asylm 626 please why take the good games down :(
Louby's profile page
This game is now offline. You cannot play it anymore. It does not exist online. Defunct games should be removed from this site so that they stop disappointing gamers.
Geminate's profile page
i'm 13 f*ck it man! i'm playin it!
ex member account
It was pritty damm good
TheGhost's profile page
why this not work?
Kim4inir's profile page
So silly 6am to 6pm the is waht time you can play this game :( not a good at the moment
ex member account
why did they take it off
DANTE_PHOENIX696's profile page
i cant play :(
graziella01's profile page
I dont Scary Games But Im Going 2 Play This Even If It Give's Nightmers :)????!!!!! (And Im 14 Too Not Over 18)
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i gotz an idea! how bout we all rate it 5 stars and see if it gets the best ever! or ya know what i mean
boogeymangirl's profile page
good game cooooooool
asmalinet's profile page
mwahahaah or its the only time the dr. is at work mwahaahha get it.. get it
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