The final chapter of the popular FNAF game series is finally here! Avoid the nightmarish creatures or you'll die!
Silent streets in Silent City. Find 8 pages before he gets you. Are you a hunter or a prey?
Grab a flashlight and prepare yourself for the most terrifying gaming experience of your life. Jeff the Killer is on the loose and it's comming for you!
You have been hired to investigate the house of the Bastien family in New Orleans, the place is believed haunted since 1853 with that locals call The Bastien...
7 keys, 3 monsters, one dark secret. Can you guess?
Horror themed story-driven adventure game with psychological horror elements.
Survive a night of terror inside an art gallery where the exhibitions started to come back to life.
Uncover the mystery behind the death of three little girls who allegedly committed suicide in this wonderful crima drama role playing game.
Survive the monstrous experiments of the SCP Foundation. This game will keep you on the edge of your seat for the whole time!
A clever text-based escape game where you must hide from the killer for 21 days inside a creepy hotel.
A romantic walk through the forest turned into a terrifying experience for a young couple.
Puzzle-based horror adventure game. Help the girl get out of the house before its too late!
Here comes a brand new scary game from the creator of the popular game The House.
Uncover the mystery behind the unexplained disappearance of a happy family from their manor.
Uncover the secrets within the walls of Beechworth Mansion. Find out what happened with the inhabitants of the great manor.
A few good scares can't get in the way of true love, right?
A Halloween party turns into a horrific murder scene and it's up to you to find who is behind all this.
Survive the zombie invasion! Run through the city while you shoot all the zombies and monsters in your path!
After a long road you and your family decide it's time to find some place to rest so you head up to some motel. Soon you realize that your wife and daughter ...
Collect the seven letters of the deadly sins and repent your past offenses in this survival horror game.
An unsettling point and click horror adventure game with a dense and nightmarish atmosphere. Explore a mysterious world surrounded by dark forces.
Enjoy a peaceful weekend at your very own lakeview cabin! If you survive this game nothing will scare you again!
Something dark is luring into this hunting house.
Help Catherine uncover the mysteries behind the Murn Carni Hospital in this great horror point and click game made by the guys from Belugerin Studios.
Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is i heaven. Give us each day our daily bread. Forgive us our sin...
Play the sequel to 'disturbing point and click horror adventure game 'Being Her Darkest Friend' by Chronerion Entertainment.
You had an car accident and now you are stuck in an abandoned house surrounded by zombies. Find a way out run for your life.
An unstoppable alien monster finds and devours prey, becoming more powerful with each kill, in this point and click horror adventure.