In Red Moon, you play the role of a young samurai female named Eivana whose mission is to help her master seize the kindom of the RedMoon.
Ninja hunter it's a Typing Action Defense game where you control a Samurai that has to stop an army of Ninjas trying to invade his temple.
Help Nintai Ryoko, The Crimson Ninja in his quest of finding the Greatest Treasure in the World! The treasure is hidden at the bottom of the Tower of Infinit...
Your objective in the third part of the game is to help Bowja to save the Ninja Spirit and defeat the evil YOKAI!
A fun skill-based platformer with ninjas. Watch out for those spikes...unless you are immortal!
In this funny point-and-click adventure game, you play the role of Bowja who's mission is to destroy the Gi8000 (otherwise known as Randy the Robot).
In the second part of the game, your mission is to help Bowja to seize the evil plans of Abura (a.k.a. BIGMAN) as he travels deep into Bigman’s compound.
Cute puzzle platformer where you play as the Fat Ninja. Retrieve the secret scroll of the Golden Hamburger froom the evil samurai Hanzo.
Guide our yellow ninja dude in his quest to get through all 20 puzzle rooms. Push the button, deactivate the laser, unlock the door. Sounds easy, right?
Slice the bricks into pieces that can fit inside a certain shape. Use your katana and slice the brick so it will fit the given shape. Once you are done click...