Traum, a story driven adventure game with psychological horror elements
Developed by Ruskatuli
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A dark story-driven rpg adventure game with psychological horror elements. You play as Mike, a man whose life seemed to be perfect until one day, when he suddenly receives disturbing news. The game relies on suspense, atmosphere and storytelling and features multiple endings.

user reviews & player tips

Bravo!!!!!!! Amazing storyline, suspense, and music! 10/10 would recommend
blackberries12's profile page
a very good game 10/10
scarygame's profile page
A very good drama about feelings of inadequacy, jealousy and insanity, and where they will take you. Mind-bending, with two interesting endings.
Geminate's profile page
This game was so good 10\10 from me! it was really confusing at first but at the very end it explains everything which helps you understand the story.
kittylover4859's profile page
A well done game with a sad yet realistic plot. I have pitied Mike since I learnt about his social and intimate problems. Frustrated at world and at himself, he doubted about his beloved... Congratulations to the developers.
Daphni6's profile page
I would like GS to put on new badge games just say p.s I kinda like this game ill give it a good 7
Edgelord's profile page
good game, very good message about mental illness and trauma.
KittyKat4557's profile page
amazing game! worth a play
Emoiism's profile page wasnt scary till i turned up the sound...then i had to turn on the lights. GOOD GAME!
jay6fujito's profile page
This game was amazing. Really messed me up
awesomeaubrey12's profile page
Really good. I give it a 10/10! Really liked it
SarcasmExe's profile page
Awesome game. Worth playing all right
BadH's profile page
what am I suppose to do (0.0)
uningle's profile page
it's a nice game.. i was playing but in the middle of the game they are showing error!
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