Third Exit Part 1, a horror-themed rpg adventure game with an emphasis on puzzles
Developed by ZeroDigitZ
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An unique horror adventure game that includes gruesome deaths, time loops and flashbacks. You play as Matthias Holloway, a young man who lost his sanity while dealing with recurring nightmares and time loops. Will he be able to unravel the mistery behind these events?

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I love this game truly. But I am stuck on the spider one. If anyone has finished this game or at least gotten past that part, I would like some help. Not on how to do the whole game, just the spider part! If not that's okay too. But thank you for the help anyway! ^.^
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A bit too easy to die in this one, otherwise good.
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Good Game! 4/5 My only problem is that it won't let you pick up the claw hammer to help defend yourself from the giant spider. Not to mention no matter which option you choose wether to help him or not, you get killed either way. And I personally believe that if you were to pickup the broom or mop and clean the vomit in room 204, that there would have been a key or something to that effect in the
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this game is awsome dude :) !!! i love it good job guys in cratin game good job man
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Great game. I'm not sure I ended it or not...
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