The World Is Destroyed And It's All Because of You, a funny adventure game with a lot of good humor
Developed by Gredge109, Luiishu535 & Kylaila (game tester)
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One day our hero decided to change the world so he set out to find the four crystals, said to grant him the power to defeat the villain. Little did he know that the crystals were not actually helpful, but were poisons used to withhold the villains power, sealed away from eons. Now, because of his actions, the villain managed to free himself and destroyed the entire world, not to mention that everyone is pissed off on our hero.

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Interesting, with multiple endings.
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How did the world end? Not with a bang but with a giant evil chicken.
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why use another browser :( :( :( :( :( :(M :( :( but its fine ill play other games
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it didnt want to play and it fought with me to show up and then froze me out.
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they shoedrelw f
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there were much awesome games on here. they deleted all of them and why idk
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