Red Rogue

Red Rogue is an creepy turn-based adventure game with rpg elements developed by Pavel Podberezko
Red Rogue has been developed by Pavel Podberezko & Grin Danilov
Join Red Rogue and her silent minion in their journey into the Chaos Dungeons, a cursed place filled with evil monsters and traps. Search for the Amulet of Yendor, an mysterious item that will reveal your story.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

- spoiler - this is an in-game feature only to be used if you are stuck/cannot finish a certain level. again, you should not use this option if you're planning to finish the game legitimately. otherwise this will ruin your gaming experience. to unlock this feature, press Ctrl + shift + enter this will unlock the debug menu. to use this, press space in the game and select "debug", there you can fi
i love this game, probably one of my favorite rouge-like game. always mad when the chest in the overworld has the fez in it though but other than that great game
rate 3 not bad
1st comment games like these need badges and highscores