Grave Greed, a retro rpg adventure game featuring creepy atmosphere and upgrades
Developed by Erik Swahn
game rating
They say the most famous treasures were found in the catacombs. Enter into the skin of our character and explore the dark catacombs in search of treasures. But be careful because the dark corridors are haunted by monsters and the living dead. As you gain experience you will have the chance to unlock many spells or improve your character.

user reviews & player tips

This game is short and easy. There are only 3 areas.
nightsblood's profile page
Good but controls need improvement.
Geminate's profile page
It randomly restarted itself once I got to 100 before I ever even got out. :/
Cricketina's profile page
Could be way better pretty easy to beat. Pretty short other then that not so bad,
MrDXE's profile page
Pretty cool, to easy, fun while it lasted
LuciferTheJohn's profile page