Gold Leader, a well polished retro space shooter game
Developed by Joseph Kopena
game rating
Gold Leader is a traditional pixel art space shoot 'em up, kept lean and simple for players looking to just dive in for a couple minutes now and then and blast things in their spaceship.
0 / 40
0 / 6
sensor grid badgeinterceptors badgeassault command badgeminelayers badgecommand group badgegold leader: perfect mission badge

user reviews & player tips

This game reminds me of Galaga >.>
sparkly_bubbles's profile page
Short, but very high polished and addictive!
broco's profile page
the game is funbut could use upgrades
niko's profile page
didn't like it
Mr314's profile page
i dont understand the game haha and almost all of the game that gameshed made is so hard and gives only a few points ._.
jprv47's profile page
Esis makes her mark...
Esis's profile page
i like this game because this game easy
ayman's profile page
sorry but the game crap only can get only 1badge cool grafx but thats all the rest is trash..
ronc's profile page