What Do We Do Now, a browser based fun game with challenging puzzles
Developed by Sean James McKenzie
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Do you have what it takes to complete this short yet challenging puzzle game? Use your mouse to manipulate objects in order to complete each level.

user reviews & player tips

The last one was easy compared to the one with the boxes.
Ariety's profile page
Yeah! awesome game but very short
MadSaveges1000's profile page
Good but 10 puzzles would be better because it is over just as you begin to enjoy it.
Geminate's profile page
mooooooreeee >.<
tuwill's profile page
It is my special previlige to be the first one put a comment. If you can't play then I will tell you the walkthrough, just send me any message or you can talk with me on the chat bar down right.
MadSaveges1000's profile page
That is very easy
Eschorg's profile page
it is waaaay to short.
nightsblood's profile page