The Masterpiece Murders, a freeware game
Developed by PastelGames
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Help detectives Rizzoli and Isles to find the missing links between the crimes from downtown of New York. Make sure you talk to the officers at the crime scenes. And remember, after each location, head back to the HQ to organize your clues.

user reviews & player tips

This game is cool. It really makes you think deep.
bluephoenix000's profile page
it says i dont have enough information wtf i double check everything
BrendanPompender's profile page
any other game like this? i like this kind of game ive finished it
ex member account
tis game is hard
Riminisiya's profile page
Cool! Awesome game I love Rizzoli & Isles!
Warai's profile page
I finally solved it.
Naega's profile page
I love mystery games such as this one. This one is one of the good ones.
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its a hard one.. :3
Sweetcakes27's profile page
ow it's so hard ......
ex member account
done, Case closed!
Jerry13's profile page
nice game...quite good graphix....4.5 ...:)
eraf's profile page
Really amazing detail put into this game, it requires some thinking, but it's really fun, definatly worth a five star rating!
MusixLife's profile page
i like it.hard but its fun.just like my penis.JK LOL!!
Joshie's profile page
awsm game!!!!!!!!!!
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