Nerdy Dwarf, a single-screen path-based unity game with challenging puzzles
Developed by Ysmolsky
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A challenging path-based logic game to cure your boredom. Our hero is stuck in a dungeon and he really needs your help. Guide him to the exit door while collecting axes and smashing rocks. Be careful, you cannot use the same path twice!

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Gameshed please fix the sound and the game, they don't work properly, ecept for the game but the sound is working, on other websits I have seen that in this game there are few problems and my friends also told me that in this game there is lots of problem and I've put a lot of effort into this game, so I could play nicely! And my connection is super fast and there is no problem in my computer beca
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Hmmm,logic game.
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why is it trelling me to install unity player.. installed twice still cant play
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