Lock 'n' Roll, a freeware game
Developed by Sean Hawkes & James Prucey
game rating
Place colored dice into configurations that score the highest number of points possible.

user reviews & player tips

hhhmmmm...not bad
Necrogirl's profile page
The gameplay is very addictive but I think the person who created the game should have made it easier
cacaman's profile page
ITS LOADIN........
ZionBaby's profile page
its oka i think.
ZionBaby's profile page
How to play this lol?
RockMyDude's profile page
NO 15 in the List hahaha I love this game :)
Marwin21's profile page
i love gambling games. they're fun and make me want to tear my hair out at the same time. i can't stop playing it, always hoping for a better score the next time...
TheScaryMe's profile page
its fun but reallllyyyyyy hard!!
vanity24's profile page
my score is 475
nightsblood's profile page
this game sucks
jlw125's profile page